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Bedbug Travel Advisory

10 Tips to Avoid Bringing Bedbugs Home on Your Next Trip

According to experts, a major reason for the increase in bedbug infestation in a home is due to increased traveling by the public and subsequently bringing these pests home when they return.

To reduce the chance of bringing bedbugs home after your next trip try these ten tips.

  1. Preparation & Vigilance:
    Remember that bedbugs can be found in some of the best hotels. All that is needed for an infestation to start is a guest with a bedbug issue to have used a hotel's room the night before.

    Therefore, be aware, be prepared and be vigilant.

  2. Packing & Plastic Bags
    When packing for your trip, organize your luggage items and pack them into some sort of zip plastic bags. You should remember larger bags for laundry items and your luggage items.

    The goal is prohibit any hitchhiking bedbugs from latching onto your luggage once you enter your hotel room.

  3. Inspection
    Once you enter your room, you will want to perform a through inspection of it:

    • Check the room for an unusually strong sweet smell / odour -some say like fresh rasberries, which indicates a possible infestation.
    • Remove the sheets from the mattress.
    • Examine the mattress, especially the mattress seams for either the begbug themselves or bedbug eggs (appear like grains of rice).
    • Examine items on the side tables, such as lamps and radios as these items offer a warm dark place to hide.
    • Examine the headboard, especially padded headboards with seams.
    • Check drawers and the bottom of any cabinets for white powder or dust as this may be an indication of a previous pest treatment.

  4. Seal Your Luggage
    When not needed, keep your luggage sealed, especially when you leave room or turn out the lights for the night. Bedbugs are more likely to hitch a ride on your luggage when it is dark in the room. Always keep luggage pockets / compartments zipped.

  5. Keep Toiletries Sealed
    Keep toiletries and other miscellanous items sealed in their zip plastic bags.

  6. Keep Laundry Items Sealed
    Not only will this help to keep everything else smelling fresh, it helps to segregate items for cleaning when you return home.

  7. Departure Inspection
    Before leaving for home, throughly inspect your luggage for any unwanted passengers. If you've kept your luggage and clothes sealed this sould be a very simple process.

  8. Clean with Heat
    After you return home, to not remove any laundry from the plastic bag until you are ready to wash it or have it dry cleaned. Depending on the articles use either hot water, high dryer heat or dry cleaning to destroy any potential unwanted passengers in your luggage.

  9. Reuse Your Zip Storage BagsText
    After emptying your zip plastic bags, gather them together and store them in a single zip plastic bag for use later.

  10. Keep Your Luggage Sealed
    Once unpacked, reseal your luggage in a large plastic bag until it is needed again.

By following the above steps, you can substantially reduce the chance of bringing bedbugs home with you after your next trip.

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